All burgers include fries and are available in gluten-free. 

Panorama Burger
100% Finnish beef patty, Liepuskan brioche bun, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion, pickles and chilli mayonnaise 
19,90 €

Chili Burger
100% Finnish beef patty, Liepuskan brioche bun, bacon, chili cheese, lettuce, tomato, marinated red onion, pickles and habanero mayonnaise 
21,90 €

Chicken Burger 
Chicken fillet, Liepuska brioche, cheddar cheese, salad, tomatoes, marinated red onions, pickles and chili mayo 
19,90 €

Smash Burger BBQ
100% Finnish beef patty, onion ring, cheddar cheese, marinated red onion, lettuce, BBQ Sauce and chipotle mayonnaise 
19,90 €


Panorama salmon soup 
and toasted rye bread
lactose free, available with gluten free bread
15,90 €


Chicken Caesar salad
Chicken fillet, iceberg salad, parmesan cheese, caesar sauce and croutons 
lactose-free, available in gluten free
18,90 €

Smoked salmon salad
Smoked salmon, iceberg salad, tomatoes, bell peppers, marinated red onions and herb oil 
lactose-free, gluten free
18,90 €

Bufala mozzarella salad
Bufala mozzarella, iceberg lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, marinated red onion and herb oil Vegan
18,90 €

House fries
Fries with bacon, cheddar sauce and spring onions
Gluten-free, low lactose
18,90 €


Vendace and mashed potatoes
Fried vendace, mashed potatoes with dill, sour cream sauce, pickles and lemon ayo
21,90 €

Falafel pita
Falafel, pita bread, iceberg lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, pickled red onion, devil’s jam, herb oil, aioli, vegan mayonnaise and fries 
19,90 €

Chicken nuggets
Chicken nuggets and fries 
normal 13,90 € / large 15,90 €

Sausage pan
Cubed sausages and fries 
Lactose-free, gluten-free
14,90 €

For kids & extras:

Salmon soup 10 €
Sausage with potatoes 10 €
Chicken fillet basket 10 €
Burger with fries with ketchup 12 €

French fries gluten-free, lactose free 9,50 € 
Mozzarella cheese sticks 9,50 € 
Onion rings lactose-free 9,50 € 
Blue cheese bites 9,50 €