We built a new scenic sauna in Panorama during fall of 2019. It’s situated in front of the scenic deck so the views will definitely be amazing. You can see the lake Syväri and Tahko village lights from the sauna’s windows. The sauna fits 12 to 15 people. Next to the sauna there’s a spring water filled hot tub. What would be greater than to hop out from the sauna to the warm and steaming hot tub under the starry sky while it’s cold outside!

There are new dressing rooms and bathrooms next to the sauna and for an additional fee we will provide towels, soaps and drinks. You can drink alcohol in the sauna area and its surroundings.

The scenic sauna and hot tub are available for reservation from the 1st of November 2019.

Opening times for the sauna
The sauna is open while Panorama bar is open. During the winter every day from 10am to 10pm.

Prices: (incl. the sauna and hot tub)
390€( 2 hours (max 12 people). Additional hour +150€
– towel 10€/person
– swim trunks 7€/person

OFFER: sauna, hot tub and Kabiini dinner
(minimum of 6 people)
95€ per person
-towel 10€/person
-swim trunks 7€/person

Reservations for the sauna
info@panoramabar.fi or +358 41 317 4602